Where Do Bison Live?


Bison is a genus that has only one existing species which is the American bison. In the 19th century it almost went extinct due to commercial hunting and slaughter and because of this reason it is restricted to few national parks as well as reserves.
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We can find bison in national parks and refuges in North America, Canada the most, Eurasia, Mexico etc. Some species can be found in Europe too. They mostly live in prairies and river valleys.
Although originally from Eurasia, Bison now call a few other places home. The highest concentration of Bison, called wood and plains bison, can be found in North America. Specifically, these Bison live anywhere from Mexico to Canada. There is also a species of Bison, called wisent, in Europe.
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The bison typically live in regions with mountains, open woodlands, or grasslands. Since they mainly munch on grass, this makes more sense than living in a swamp. For more information
Bison live in 3 provinces (Canada): Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The landscape is a grassy prairie. Hope this helps. Twilight fan10
Where do wood bison live? they live in the bark of wood. hense the name wood bison . What
The bison population fluctuates from 2300 to 4500 animals.
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The American Bison are largely protected these days and live mostly in refuges and national Parks. They can be found in Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, and Oklahoma ...
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