Where Do Boogers Come from?


Boogers are dried-up snot and dirty nose debris. Boogers are filled with the junk that's in the air you breathe. It is a delightful mixture of mucus, dust, pollen, germs, sand, fungi, smoke, small particles from outer space. They may appear as small, slimy lumps or big, dry, brown clumps.
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in your nose or mouth. or possibly if you are unlucky your ear If you rub your eye after you rub your noseit is possible you will get an eye stye
Boogers come from dried up and congealed mucus filled with bacteria caught in your nose
Boogers are dried-up snot and dirty nose debris. They form when you breathe in the junk that's in the air!
In your nose, cilia, or tiny hairs, filter the air that you breathe in. They don't actually take out the germs that are mixed into the oxygen. It only takes tiny particles of the
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When mucus and the dirt and debris it has trapped dry and clump together, they form boogers.
Boogers in the nose come from a number of materials that are in the air. Boogers are composed of things such as dirt, debris, and dust from the air we breathe.
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