Where do bottlenose dolphins live?


Bottlenose dolphins live in most of the world's oceans and are largely found in temperate and tropical waters. They live and swim in groups known as pods. A pod normally has about a dozen or so animals.
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Answer In the pacific ocean they are found in northern Japan, California, to Australia and chile. In the Atlantic ocean they're found in Nova Scotia and Norway to Patagonia and the
Bottlenose dolphins are carnivorous. The largest part of the bottlenose dolphin's diet is made up of a range of fish. Other foods that are commonly consumed by this dolphin include
Bottlenose dolphins are found worldwide in temperate & tropical wat...
Bottle-nosed dolphins, being mammals, will reproduce internally and give birth to a single live young tail first. Females carry their young for 12 months. They breed all year though
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Bottlenosed Dolphins live in warm temperate and tropical oceans and seas worldwide.
Bottlenose dolphins can be found in the oceans all around the world. Some of these places are California, Australia, Africa, Norway, Gulf of Mexico and Cape Cod.
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