Where Do Bulls Live?


The habitat of bulls will depend on the particular species of Ungulate such as: African elephant bulls which are found in the savannah and Camel bulls which are found in the worlds hot deserts. Most bulls are ruminants.
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Bulls, like cows, live on farms or ranches out in the country.
Bullsnakes are found in South Dakota, wherever rodents are abundant. In the plains,
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Bulls live wherever they want to, right? I mean, who's going to question whether or not they should be in a given place? I certainly wouldn't.Seriously, you will find bulls wherever you find cows, because all a bull is, is a male cow. Thanks to domestication, bulls and cows live virtually everywhere on the planet, usually on farms but also in the wild. A farm will usually have only one bull but many cows. The luckiest bulls in the entire world probably live in India, where cattle are considered sacred and will not be eaten.
Bulls were common all over the world, different places had different types of bulls. Now bulls usually live on farms and are used to mate with the female cows!
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