Where Do Cats Come from?


Cats are domestic animals that were domesticated about 8000 BCE. Cats were cult animals in Egypt and it is thought that they were first domesticated in the region. Their ancestry is traced to five types of African Wildcats in the Middle East. They are the most popular pets in the world.
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The domestic house cat orginated in Africa a very long time ago.
I cannot offer a first use, but G.L. Apperson's. English Proverbs. (1929) traces it at least as far back as Thomas Hayward's. Proverbs. (1546) in the phrase: A woman has nyne lyues,
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1. Pickling foods-or fermenting them using lactic acid-is an ancient practice. Pickling cabbage was probably discovered by the Chinese in third-century BC. The Chinese used rice wine
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Cats live in or around human dwellings.
God created the cat for Adam because he thought he was worthy of adoration, and indeed he was not. The cat would not mind him and he saw in the cat's eyes that he was not the supreme being. You can find more information here: http://www.serendipity.li/eden/dog.html
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