Where do chiggers live?


Chiggers are the larvae or juvenile form of particular mites found in the Trombiculidae family. They are usually found living in moist areas around rivers or lakes, forests, parks, grassy fields or gardens. They can also be referred to as red bugs or harvest mites.
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Chiggers like to live in damp and shady areas like the woods. When it is time to feed they make their way to tall grass where they can then attach to an animal or person.
They live all over the world besides a small part of Africa. But yes we have them in all the states every part of the U.S. has them.
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Chiggers are very small bugs that live in the grass, hey or straw. These little bugs pack a punch when your skin starts to itch from their bites.
Chiggers typically live in mostly wooded areas, where there is plenty of dampness and shade, however when they feed, they'll venture into tall grass.
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Chiggers can be found all over the world. They live in all states and are located in grassy fields, forests, parks, and gardens. They are also commonly found near ...
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