Where Do Chinchillas Live?


Chinchillas simply live in very rocky dry areas and are mostly found in the Andes Mountains. Chile is the only place where chinchillas live. They have very thick fur so people kill them to make coats.
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A chinchillas natural habitat is high up in the mountains. They live in cool areas, and should not ever be kept out in sweltering heat. It could kill them. They sell tile at pet stores
They naturally live in the mountains in South America, especially the Andes. Now they are housed in Chinchilla farms (for fur coats), pet stores, and in homes. Some would say that
You can find turtles almost everywhere on earth; the only place they don't live is the Arctic and Antarctic. There are over 270 species of turtles; these are just a few.
Wild chinchillas live in the Andes Mountains of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. They
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Chinchillas are found in the barren, arid areas of mountains in northern Chile.
Chinchillas live in the barren, arid areas of the mountains in northern Chile. They like to hang out in the crevices of rocks. This is where they will wait for there next meal.
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