Where Do Comets Come from?


Comets are found in two major regions of the solar system depending on the type of the comet. The long-period comets come from the Oort cloud, while the short-period comets come from the Kuiper Belt.
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comets are probably made out of dust,ice,gas left over when the solar system was formed more than 4 billion years ago
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Mathematical theory suggests that most comets may come to the solar system from very
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Where Do Comets Come From?
Comets are bodies made of rock, dust and ice that orbit the sun within our solar system. They range in size from just a hundred meters to several kilometers across. What separates a comet from an asteroid is that comets are rather loosely packed... More »
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Comets come from the Oort Cloud (a large cluster of planetoids and other small bodies that surrounds the Solar System) and the Kuiper Belt (a belt of planetoids and other small bodies that lies between the Oort Cloud and Neptune's orbit). You can find more information here: http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/profile.cfm?Object=Comets
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