Where do cougars live?


The cougar is a New World mammal that lives in North and South America. Five types of cougars live in South and Central America, and a sixth type of cougar lives in North America.

Scientists also believe that the Florida panther, which lives in Florida, is an additional type of cougar. Cougars once used to live all over the continental United States, but now they only live in the Rocky Mountains, the Pacific Coast ranges and in the Southwest.These animals live in a variety of habitats, and they can even survive in the hills surrounding highly populated areas like Los Angeles.

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1. Learn about the habits and behavior of cougars. Knowing their behavior provides the best protection for those living in environments where these animals live. 2. Know your neighborhood
Cougars live in the Western Hemasphire from Canada to panatagonia there are about 2500 roughly and around Oregon there are more the 5000 estamated by sientist john yang .
Male cougars can live 10 to 12 years in the wild; females normally live
Cougars live wherever there are available young men!
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