Where Do Crabs Live?


Crabs live in the ocean or on river banks, lakes, rocks, and in deep holes in the sand. Crabs are small sea creatures with eight legs and two claws that they use to crack open the shells of marine snails and eat them. Some crabs live on land while others live in the water.
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Crabs are very snall sea creatures. They can live on land or live in the sea. Crabs living in water have small pads on their feet to help them swim. Have you seen a crab on the beach
Crabs have rather complex nervous systems and can adapt well to a variety of environments. They have acute senses of smell, taste and sight and can be aggressive to obtain food or
crabs live in the ocean, river banks, lakes, rocks, and in deep holes in the sand. They basically live on a beach most of the time.
Crabs live in a variety of marine habitats, from estuaries to rocky
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There are many different places in the world in which crabs live. The most notable would be either in the oceans or bays on on the beaches of them.
Most crabs live in the ocean or in holes they have dug in the sand. Crabs usually come out at night. If you go for a nightly walk on the beach, be sure to take a flash light, you will be amazed at all the crabs you will see.
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