Where Do Crickets Live?


Crickets live under rocks and logs in meadows, pastures and along roadsides. They prefer warm damp places because if they live in dry areas, they will dehydrate and die. Crickets eat anything including each other and they are nocturnal.
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Crickets live in warm damp places. They are omnivores and will eat almost anything (including each other). They can't live in dry areas: they will dehydrate, dry out, and die.
There are over 900 separate species of crickets the world over. Some of the more common ones are the field cricket, camel cricket, and house cricket. None of these crickets live more
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Crickets live all over, in holes, under rocks, under wood piles. They sleep by day and come out by night. In cooler weather they may hang out in holes in small groups to stay warmer
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You can find crickets in meadows and pastures under rocks, and logs. They eat decaying plant material and seedling plants. The chirping sound heard by humans is made by the male rubbing their forewings together. You can find more information here: http://insected.arizona.edu/cricketinfo.htm
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