Where Do Cyclones Occur?


Cyclones start in tropical areas like northern Australia, South-East Asia and several Pacific islands. They occasionally drift into the temperate coastal regions, threatening more densely populated areas to the South. Northern Australia has approximately four or five tropical cyclones each year during the summer time wet season.
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Cyclones form and occur in a variety of areas around the world. "Cyclone" is the generic term for cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes. Cyclones develop in the warm seas near
In the Indian Ocean, especially in the Bay of Bengal. Cyclone is the name given to the kind of storms that in the Atlantic we call hurricanes and in the western Pacific typhoons.
Cyclones develop over warm seas near the Equator. Air heated by the sun rises very swiftly,
In the sky.
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Cyclones begin in tropical areas, such as Northern Australia, Southeast Asia and many Pacific islands. Sometimes they move into the temperate coastal areas. Northern Australia has about four or five tropical cyclones every year during the summer time wet season.
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