Where Do Cyclones Occur?


Cyclones start in tropical areas like northern Australia, South-East Asia and several Pacific islands. They occasionally drift into the temperate coastal regions, threatening more densely populated areas to the South. Northern Australia has approximately four or five tropical cyclones each year during the summer time wet season.
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Cyclones form during the late spring to early Autumn months. Around Australia, cyclone season is between November and March, with an occasional cyclone still forming in April if conditions
Cyclones are huge revolving storms caused by winds blowing around a central area of low atmospheric pressure. In the northern hemisphere, cyclones are called hurricanes or typhoons
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In an average season, tropical cyclones are mostly experienced in north west Australia between Exmouth and Broome in Western Australia and in north east Queensland between Port Douglas
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Cyclones begin in tropical areas, such as Northern Australia, Southeast Asia and many Pacific islands. Sometimes they move into the temperate coastal areas. Northern Australia has about four or five tropical cyclones every year during the summer time wet season.
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