Where do cysts come from?


Cysts are caused by a wide variety of conditions, including injuries, infections, chronic inflammatory conditions, inherited diseases, cellular defects, parasites, tumors and fluid build-up due to blockages of ducts. The cause of the cyst depends on the type of cyst and the part of the body where it appears. According to Healthline Networks, cysts can grow anywhere on the body and can be internal or external.

The word "cyst" comes from the Latin word cystis, which means "bladder" or "pouch". A cyst is essentially a pocket of tissue that may contain trapped air, fluid, or other bodily substances. Most cysts are benign, or non-cancerous. According to WebMD, most cysts are not painful, do not cause problems or require treatment, and go away on their own. At home, applying pressure with a warm compress helps speed the drainage and healing process. Some cysts, however, can grow quite large and become uncomfortable or painful. Cysts may also become infected, inflamed, or ruptured. In these cases, professional medical treatment is required.

According to WebMD, one common professional method is manually draining the cyst with a needle. Cortisone injections are also used to reduce inflammation within the cyst and encourage healing. When draining or injections are not effective or the cyst is located internally, surgical removal is an option.

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