Where Do Daisies Grow?


Daisies grow mostly in the spring but can also grow in the summer. They grow mainly in open plains and also on hay fields but can grow practically anywhere.
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To grow your own daisies, choose a seed variety. Your nursery may stock varieties and cultivars adapted to your area. Weed and clear out a bed or patch of land. Daisies need little
1. Purchase seeds or seedlings from the nursery or garden center. The plant can also be propagated by taking cuttings from a mature plant in summer. If planting seeds or seedlings
umm. with normal growing stuff like my hubby's ale.
Gerber daisies can be so vividly colored, you will wonder if they are real. They are. Gerbera is a large genus in the same family as sunflowers (Asteraceae). They are native to South
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Marguerite daisies are also known as ox-eye daisies. These are perennial wildflowers that typically grow in fields and meadows. These are also popular flowers, ...
The best time to plant daisies will depend on the growing zone one lives in. The earliest time is in the spring, after the last frost of the year. ...
How tall daisies grow would vary, depending on the variety of the daisy. For example, Shasta daisies can grow to a height of 2 to 3 feet tall. These daisies would ...
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