Where Do Dogs Live?


Pet dogs live with people in their homes. Dogs in the wild form a pack dig an underground den and live with the pack inside the den. The dog may have been the first animal to have been domesticated by early man.
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1. Remove dangerous obstacles (such as toys or pulled-out chairs) in your dog's normal walking path, especially if she has recently lost her vision. 2. Use tactile and auditory cues
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It depends on the type of dog. Dog breeds were developed by humans over millennia with very specific goals. For example, lapdog companions were selected to be cute and long-lived
it is probably a German shepherd because it is a well balanced dog and is well muscled and a good body structure and dosent have as much health problems as other dogs. or a border
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Dogs live in or around human dwellings around the world.
Depending upon who owns the dog, some dogs live outdoors in a dog house and some dogs live indoors with the family. The dogs that live indoors sometimes even have their own bed.
Some people have dog's as pet's. Some live in the pound and some are stray dog's. They live in kennels and barns also. They can live anywhere.
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The Border Collie, Chihuahua, Collie, Dalmatian and English Springer Spaniel all average 13 years. The Cairn Terrier and Greyhound average 13.2 years; and the ...
It is according to how much antifreeze a dog has drank and how big/small the dog is as to how long it will have to live. Antifreeze poisoning is a painful and ...
Dogs can live anywhere from 9 to 20 years depending on the breed, care, and individual dog. Most dogs live to be 9 to 14 years with proper vet care. ...
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