Where Do Dolphins Live?


A dolphin is a large, slender, food and game fish widely distributed in warm seas, especially around Hawaii. Spinner dolphins are most popular, and can be detected from large distances as they spin high in the air, landing with loud splashes. They are pan tropical, occurring in all tropical and subtropical waters around the world between roughly 400N and 400S.
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Dolphins live in the ocean or in aquariums. They need to live in salt water so you will not find them in a fresh water lakes. So this makes it very easy to remember.
Dolphins live in the northern and southern oceans they can also can live with either a trainer or a person. there are also dolphins that live in rivers and in lake like lake erie
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Dolphins are found in every ocean of the world.
Dolphins live in all oceans of the earth and also in some significant rivers. While not all species of dolphins live everywhere, in each environment there is a species. One of the best known species is the bottlenose dolphin which lives in every ocean of the world except the Arctic and the Antarctic oceans. The Atlantic spotted dolphin lives in all the tropical and moderate areas of the Atlantic Ocean avoiding the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The Pink Dolphin lives in the Amazon River.
they live in every ocean and river except the freezing waters of the arctic and antarctic
Dolphins live in shallow seawaters of the continental shelves mainly in harbours, bays, lagoons, gulfs and tributaries. They feed on fish such as squids and crustaceans and they swallow them whole without chewing.
There are several species of dolphins, and at least one species lives in every single ocean in the world. In the Amazon river, there is one species of dolphin that lives there called the Pink Dolphin. The only oceans the bottlenose dolphin does not live in are the Antarctic and Arctic oceans. You can find more information here: http://www.dolphins-world.com/where_do_dolphins_live.html
Dolphins live in all oceans and also in some big rivers. They live in both cold and warm water. The type, the shape, the size of each dolphin varies.
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Dolphins live all over the world from colder northern and southern waters to warm tropical waters. The bottlenose dolphin prefers warmer water. Bottlenose dolphins ...
Dolphins are marine mammals which are quite related to whales. Generally, dolphins live in a diverse climate, both freshwater and marine waters far from the shore ...
There are 45 types of dolphins or species of dolphins. Some of these dolphins live in the oceans while the others live in rivers. The bottlenose dolphins is the ...
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