Where Do Eagles Live?


There are 59 different species of eagles and they can all be found in every environment apart from the Polar Regions of Antarctica. The majority of the world's eagles fly in the skies over Russia, Asia, and Europe while two species are found in North America and two in South America.
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Eagles inhabit every continent except Antarctica, and are found in most habitats except the Arctic tundra and the driest deserts.
Eagles live on the tops of the mountains, on the hills, trees, but mostly in wild places, where can be far away from predators. They can be found in North America, South America, Canada, Australia, Europe etc.
Eagles like to live near bodies of water such as lakes, rivers and marshes. Eagles prefer to live near a large, open body of water for the convenience. There are lots of trees to nest in and plenty of fish to catch for food.
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Eagles live in North America from Alaska to Canada to Northern Swamps. They live in every state except for Hawaii. They flourish in northwest coast of North America because of the
The golden eagle is an open area hunter found in the deserts, grasslands and high altitudes of the western coast of North America, Eurasia and northern Africa. Golden eagles are brown
Golden and Bald eagles live in various locations around the Americas and the world. Also they live on mountains and s e x.
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