Where Do Elephants Come from?


The family Elephantidae is the origin from which the mammoth, African elephant and Asian elephant came from. Amusingly, the Asian elephant is more intimately associated to the vanished mammoth as compared to the African elephant.
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they come from deep in the african jungle , of indias outskirts ! elephants are incrediably smart and can rember anyting even if they have see you before ! elephants are native to
Elephants come from Asia and Africa. More info on both? How about some interesting
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http://www.cohoes.com/mastadon.cfm?id=32…. Read all that you can about the ancestor of our elephants. The mastadons lived everywhere on earth! Here is a link that tells about
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Elephants live in the grasslands, woodlands and tropical forests of Africa and the rain forests of India, Nepal and Southeast Asia.
Elephants are commonly found in Africa. They live in the wild and are unfortunately, often poached for their ivory tusks. Poachers are illegally killing the elephants, but usually get away with their terrible act.
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