Where Do Emperor Penguins Live?


Emperor penguins live in Antarctica, in the Southern Hemisphere. They spend their whole lives on Antarctic ice and its waters. They breed and eat by relying on the various clever adaptations.
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The Emperor Penguin is one of four species of penguin that inhabits the Antarctic Peninsula and islands, living on the Antarctic ice and rocky coastline.
Emperor Penguins live in Antarctica. ChaCha again!
Emperor Penguins can be found in Weddell Sea and Dronning Maud Land, Princess Elizabeth Lands, the Ross Sea in Antartica. They are the largest of all penguins.
Emperor penguins are restricted to cold waters of Antarctic. Terrestrial range limited to pack ice, continental shelf & islands 66-78 deg South latitude.
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Emperor penguins mainly live in Antarctica. They are the only species of bird that never steps foot on land. The average temperature is around -20, and can go down to -50. They survive by huddling together for warmth.
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