Where Do Emus Live?


Emus are found strictly in Australia where they live in most of the less-populated regions of the continent. However, they can survive in most areas but they avoid dense forest and extreme desert. They are the second largest birds after ostriches having an average height of about 2 metres.
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Emus are native to the Australian continent. Emus occur in all Australian states except Tasmania. They can be found almost anywhere in the country except within urban areas, although
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Emus are native to Australia, but they do live in other areas after being exported for farming purposes as emu meat is lean and a healthy alternative to beef. Emus are the third largest bird in the world, and they can run about 30 mph. You can find more information here: http://www.singinghillpa.com/about_emus.html
Emus are native to the continent of Australia. There used to be a subspecies of emus in Tasmania, but they became extinct after the European settlement.
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