Where do figs grow?


Figs grow best in hardiness zones 8 through 10, but some cultivars are more cold tolerant. Figs historically grew throughout a swath of land stretching from Turkey to India. However, they have spread throughout the world at the hands of humans, and they are common throughout the Mediterranean basin. Additionally, figs grow indoors virtually anywhere as long as they receive sufficient light.

Figs were one of the first plants that primitive people domesticated. Accordingly, humans have produced hundreds of different varieties and cultivars of the fig tree, each with slightly different characteristics. The ancient Greeks treated figs as a staple component of their diets. Figs are still eaten all over the world, and they make an excellent part of a healthy diet and are especially high in dietary fiber.

Some fig varieties grow into 40-foot-tall trees while others become 10-foot-tall shrubs. In the wild, fig plants have a complicated flowering and fruiting cycle. Sometimes, the plants require pollination to produce figs, and at other times, fruit production occurs without pollination. This pollination only occurs with the help of flying insects native to the natural habitat of figs. However, most fig plants sold in the United States do not require pollination to produce fruit.

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