Where Do Fleas Live?


Fleas spend 95 percent of their adult life on pets. Adult fleas lay eggs on the pet from where they drop on the carpet, grass, or similar areas. Fleas normally do not live for more than a number of months, but reproduce very fast.
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Fleas live on the skin of your dog, underneath his fur or hair. Fleas need blood to live, so they will stay close to the skin to bite your dog. They can live anywhere on the body,
Water fleas belong to the Crustacea, a large group of 'jointed limbed' animals, most of which live in water.
Basically. They live outside waiting for a animal to come by so they can jump and create a infestation.
Fleas live on pets, mammals, in carpets, in sofas as well as other household goods, sucking
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Fleas typically live on animals or buried into their fur. Often, these pesky creatures can live while not on an animal, but not for too long.
Fleas are a type of bug that requires blood for survival. They are typically found on rodents, cats, dogs and other animals. However, any mammal can be a host to these pests.
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