Where Do Flying Squirrels Live?


Flying squirrels live in nests or tree holes, just like birds. Even though they do not fly, they can actually move across the sky. They glide, extending their arms and legs through the air from one tree to another.
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in trees.
The Black Squirrel, a subgroup of the Eastern Grey (Gray) Squirrel and can be found in Midwestern North America. Did you know that you can determine the age of a squirrel by its teeth
Tree dwellers live in a tree hollow or nest, and most are active year-round. They do not do
276 days. Easy. Next question.
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Who knew that a squirrel could get any cuter! A flying squirrel, also known as a sugar glider, is a squirrel that glides along almost like it is flying. They live up in the trees all across North America.
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