Where Do Foxes Live?


they are found in farmlands and forests, deserts, and in wooded areas of some cities.also during winter they live in dens
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Foxes live all over North America and Europe. Even in the cold parts of North America, like Alaska, you can find foxes. These are usually arctic foxes.
around the world, they make houses in the snow and dirt as burrows.
Hyenas live in mountain areas. They shy away from areas that are wel populated and noisy. If you ever go camping in a remote area, you may see a hyena.
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The natural habitat of foxes is found throughout the northern hemisphere while in the UK they are found in abundance in places such as Scotland and Wales. Red foxes are the most common of all carnivores.
The habitat of foxes covers all of Europe and Asia, as well as the colder, more northern areas of North America. Red foxes may be found in the extreme cold of the tundra, as may Arctic foxes.
Foxes live in caves and dens. Foxes are great creatures and they usually travel in packs because they will stick close to their family which is nice.
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Foxes live in dens during the winter period. The den may be in caves, underground, in hollow legs or tress and even among rocks. They don't stay in packs and are ...
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In the wild, foxes are hunted by large cats, coyotes, jackals and wolves. Depending on where the fox lives, it can also be hunted by eagles, bears and even humans.The ...
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