Where Do Frogs Hibernate?


Frogs hibernate by burying themselves in the mud. Most frogs dig a hole that shields them from adverse weather conditions while others may hide under decaying logs and leaves as heat is produced in the process of decay. Hibernation causes a reduction in metabolic rate in order to conserve energy in the body.
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In socks?
The frogs hibernate in burrows or bury themselves in mud. Toads and frogs are cold-blooded
1. Put the rocks, drift wood, sticks and dirt inside the clean aquarium. This will be the frog's playground, or indoor living environment. Be sure they came from a pond, lake, or
usually in there nests or tree hollows.
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Frogs usually hibernate by swimming to the bottom of lakes and ponds during the cold winter months. Once at the bottom, they may burrow into the mud to keep from freezing. Other amphibians, such as the toad, hibernate on land, burrowing down as much as three-feet to stay below the freeze levels.
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