Where Do Frogs Live?


Frogs live in areas such as streams, lakes, rivers and ponds as they can exist in both cold and hot places. They live in every part of the world except the oceanic islands and Antarctica. The places where you can get most frogs are in the tropical regions.
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The red-eyed tree frog lives in Costa Rica and their diet consists of flies, moths, crickets and sometimes smaller frogs. Their eyes are bright red to scare away predators.
frogs are dependant on water and usally live beside ponds and in grassy areas, although they hibernate throughout the winter.
Like most animals that cannot live in cold temperatures, frogs rely on cues from the outside environment to know when they should begin preparing for the winter. These cues include
Hyenas live in mountain areas. They shy away from areas that are wel populated and noisy. If you ever go camping in a remote area, you may see a hyena.
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With the lone exception of Antarctica, frogs can be found on every continent on earth. They're incredibly diverse and can live in a variety of wide ranging environments, from the coldest to the warmest.
Frogs live in or near water. In order to survive, their skin has to be kept moist. They usually live near ponds, streams, lakes and rivers.
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One of the adaptations of the frog is that their eyes bulge out which allows them to see in all directions. Frogs that live in trees have sticky cups on the pads ...
Frogs live only in fresh water and on land. Frogs are cold blooded animals with backbones in their bodies designed to create easy movement. Frogs are sensitive ...
Most frogs are nocturnal, such as the leopard frog and American green tree frog; however, there are species that prefer daytime living, such as dart frogs. Each ...
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