Where Do Fungi Live?


Fungi live on dead decaying matter and on plants. They have very many similar characteristics with plants and this sometimes causes confusion in their classification. You will find fungi growing in forests and gardens.
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Fungi thrive in moist, tropical environments, but they can live in many different types of environments. They don't contain chlorophyll to produce their own food, so they absorb minerals
Fungi live in or on other living organisms.
Timber Wolves look like German shepherds and live in the wilderness of Canada, Alaska and Europe. They travel in packs of 5-10 with one lead male and one lead female.
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Fungi can basically grow anywhere that has a very moist climate where bacteria can produce, also they can live on or inside of living organisms.
Fungi have almost the same characteristics as plants and can be found in a number of environments. They can grow on just about anything. Some fungi are OK to eat while others are extremely toxic, they can even cause death.
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Fungi live in the soil, on forest floors, in water and even in plants, animals and the air. Fungi grow in virtually every area of the planet — they occupy ...
Fungi can live in a variety of habitats that are classified as either marine or terrestrial: in the soil, in water, and on plants and animals. Evidence suggests ...
Fungi, even though they're alive, are different from animals and plants. They can't make their own food, so they have to live in their food. Some fungi break down ...
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