Where Do Garter Snakes Live?


Garter snakes generally live on land and hide under logs and dead trees. They hibernate in the winter in cracks in the ground where there is little frost. Garter snakes eat earthworms, lizards and ants.
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They can swim in water but mosstly live on land. You can find them on fences, in leaves, under logs, in bushes, and in forest area.
Some people consider garter snakes pests in their backyard, but they are actually a good thing to have in a small quantity. Garter snakes eat slugs, grubs and other plant and grass-eating
1. Know garter snake behavior. Garter snakes bask in the sun to keep their body temperature warm during the morning. During hibernation, garter snakes typically occupy large, communal
To feel secure, garter snakes need a place to hide. This should be reasonably solid and
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Common Garter Snakes live in most of North America, except for the arid southwestern United States. They are found in meadows, woodlands and hillsides often near bodies of water.
Garter snakes are common snakes of North America and can adapt easily to many environments. They live in marshes, dry or wet areas, wooded areas, ditches, and basically anywhere else as long as they can reach water.
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The garter snake is a Colubrid snake genus common across North America, ranging from Alaska and Canada to Central America. It can live up to 15 years if taken ...
Garter snakes live in warm moist areas like forest, fields and ponds. To get rid of garter snakes, on must know how to avoid making a habitat for them. Th best ...
Garter snakes are found in North America with over 31 species from the states excluding Alaska and Hawaii. To identify the garter Snakes of Missouri, observe the ...
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