Where Do Giraffes Live?


Giraffes live on the Savannah. This is in Africa's grassland. They are found in many parts of Africa. They live in herds, but don't stay together all of the time.
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For the most part, giraffes are social animals. A herd of about 40 giraffes is composed of mostly females and calves, with a couple dozen bulls. Young male giraffes travel together
HABITAT. Arid and dry savanna (flat grassland of tropical or subtropical regions) with trees.
Giraffe, the tallest living animal on earth. It lives in the dry savannas
There is only one continent in the world where giraffes live. It is Africa Giraffes choose to live on the flat, grassy areas with some trees and bushes. In Africa these areas are
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Giraffes inhabit arid, dry land of Africa.
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Giraffes mostly live in open areas, like woodlands and savannahs. They prefer areas where the trees are evergreen or deciduous, and they especially like to feed ...
A giraffes shelter is mainly the place where the giraffe live or where that are commonly found. They prefer to live in the African savannah south of the Sahara ...
There are 9 different species of giraffe. Another interesting fact about giraffes is that they can clean their own ears with their tongue. Giraffes live to 15 ...
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