Where do gnats come from?


The most common gnats within a home are fungus gnats, which claim soil from plants as their habitat. Gnats inside a home can also be due to having fruit flies and/or phorid flies.

Fungus Gnats are black and maggot-like, and they often collect near windows. These gnats are not harmful to the plant's roots. One distinction to separate fruit flies and phorid flies from the fungus gnats is their color, brown. Fruit flies are specifically attracted to kitchen areas, and a dish full of vinegar can eradicate them. The fruit flies like vinegar and get stuck inside the dish. Phorid flies are actually from the sewer and plumbing lines, which can indicate a sewer or septic tank issue.

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= Come From Eggs = Gnats come from eggs laid by other gnats. The eggs are so small that you may not know they are there. First off they like wet enviroment. Potted plants and drains
Gnats multiply quickly. One gnat can lay 200-300 eggs. They are
They are attracted to some of the gasses a ripening fruit gives off (like ethylene, for example) Being in a well ventilated place or room should decrease their numbers because it
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Gnats come from water and shallow ponds, where they lay their eggs.
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