Where Do Grubs Come from?


Grubs is the term given to the larvae of scarab beetles. Coming from the soil, it climbs on to different parts of the crop causing damage to plants and crops. It is frequently found feeding on the roots of turf and pasture grasses.
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1. Wait until the late afternoon or early evening before trying to draw the grubs up to the surface of the soil. They naturally migrate upward at this time of day. 2. Fill a 5-gallon
The original meaning of the word grub is an insect larva. These are edible, although most people would prefer not to eat them. Therefore, grub has also come to mean food of poor or
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Grubs can come from a variety of beetles! These pudgy little worms are laid by a beetle into the thatch layer of your yard, and then they feed on the the roots of your grass.
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