Where Do Hamsters Live?


Hamsters live in dry arid places and go to their burrow to hibernate when it is cold. They can be found in Africa, North America, South America, Asia and in Europe. Hamsters are small, furry animals that are usually about 15 centimetres long.
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Hamsters like dry places and hibernate in burrows when it's cold. You can find hamsters in Africa, North America, and Europe. Siberian hamsters live in the frigid part of Asia and
Hamsters are in Syria.
Some antelopes only live in India and Nepal, like the four horned antelope. The pronghorn antelope lives in western North America. Antelopes are fast, when needed, they can run up
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Hamsters usually live in dry, open habitats in central and eastern Europe, Asia Minor, Syria, Iran, Mongolia, Siberia, northern China, and Korea.
Hamsters are native to Europe and Asia. In their natural environment, hamsters live in burrows. In these burrows, there are separate areas for nesting, food, storage and body wastes.
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Hamsters live in burrows made in the ground. They are found in the Syrian deserts, in Europe, Asia and the Middle East areas that are typically semi-arid areas ...
Syrian hamsters usually live for three years. Siberian and Campbells usually live for two years and some dwarf hamsters like the Roborovski live for three years. ...
Two hamsters can live together but it depends on the type of hamster, if you want to have Winter White Siberian, or Campbell dwarf Russian hamsters the answer ...
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