Where Do Hawks Live?


Hawks can live in open terrains, thick forested areas and marshy grasslands where nesting trees and suitable prey exist. These birds are very adaptable when it comes to their diet and they can feed on different preys during varied seasons.
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The hawks have to live in forests because they need to live in a place with a certain temprature
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Hawks sleep in trees, nests, little crannies.pretty much anywhere they can find out of
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Hawks live in trees and at the top of mountains. Hawks will build nests in the tops of trees and lay their eggs in the nests. They will also build nests in out of the way rock crevices at the tops of mountains.
Learning where hawks live is slightly more complicated than you might expect. Since there are many different kinds of hawks, there are many different environments they will live in. In general, they live in treetops and in forests. You can find more information here: http://www.biokids.umich.edu/critters/Accipiter_cooperii/
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