Where Do Hedgehogs Live?


they live in open forests, in hedges, and near settlements they cn also be found in public parks
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In the wild, hedgehogs can be found in Africa, Europe, Aisa, and New Zealand - however, they had to be introduced to New Zealand and were not native there. As pets, hedgehogs can
Essentially, hedgehogs live across a wide percentage of Europe, Asia, Africa,
In England.
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Hedgehogs live in the grasslands, savannas and forests of Europe, Asia and North Africa. They have also been introduced to New Zealand.
Hedgehogs are found in forests, hedges and near settlements. You will also find them in public parts in Africa, Asia, and Europe. The hedgehog's quills begin to grow immediately after birth; they are invertebrates whose lifespan is 6 years.
Hedgehogs build their nests in bushes, rock crevices, termite mounds or under buildings. They can be found in Africa, Europe and Asia and New Zealand. In UK, they inhabit most areas except the Scottish islands.
Hedgehogs can be found in Asia, Africa, Europe and in New Zealand. Hedgehogs in the wild will eat snails, frogs, snakes, roots, melons, insects and berries.
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