How to Find a Birth Certificate?


You can get and find a birth certificate by going down to your local social security office showing proof who you are. You will have to pay a price to get a new one if need being..
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How to Get a Birth Certificate
Birth certificate records are handled by each individual state. Frequently, the state department responsible for maintaining these records is the Department of Health and Human Services or the Office of Vital Records. The particular department in your... More »
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1. Look over the current birth certificate. See what information is listed on it, and make notes of what might need to be changed or corrected. Document any issues on a short list
1. Complete the Application for Birth Certificate. You need to provide your personal and contact information as well as your relationship to the registrant. Indicate the type of birth
1. Complete the Cuban Certificate Order Form (see Resource 2) online. Enter as much information on the form as is known about the individual. Provide your full contact information
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To get a copy of your lost birth certificate you should check with your State Health Department in the state that you were born in. You will have to fill out an ...
A birth certificate is an official form with the details of the place and time of a person's birth, mother's and father's name, sex and his or her name. It can ...
In the UK, if you need to order a birth certificate for yourself or for a family member, you can do so through the General Register Office. To order one, as of ...
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