Where Do I Get a Leaf Stone in Pokemon Emerald?


In Pokemon Emerald, you will find Leaf Stone on routes 119 and 124. You will have to collect a green shard and hand it to the person in the north eastern part of the map who turns shards into evolutionary stones. He will give you Leaf Stone.
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here is a list of pokemon that evolve with a leaf stone on Emerald Gloom evolves into Vileplume. Nuzleaf evolves into Shiftrey. These are the only two in emerald that evolve by leafstone
The leaf stone evolves Grass-Type Pokemon
1. Find Thunder Stones by diving underwater and searching for raised bumps on the seafloor, which indicate hidden items. In order to dive, your Pokemon needs to have been taught the
1. Go to the shard master's house near Mossdeep City. 2. He will trade you a blue shard for a Water Stone.
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