Where to Send Federal Tax Return?


There should be an address provided with the instruction book for your tax forms. If not, you can always send them to: Revenue Service Center, Atlanta, Georgia. No street addressis necessary, it will get to the IRS.
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Where you should mail your federal tax return depends on what forms you have. Check the IRS official site to find the address for your forms.
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1. Look at the top or bottom of your IRS form and get the "Form" number, e.g. "1040. 2. Navigate to the IRS's "Where to File Tax Returns-Addresses for Individual
1. Look at the tax year for which you're amending. The amended tax return should be filed within 2 years from the date you paid taxes. You must amend the previous tax return within
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You should send your tax return to the address printed on the front part of the form. You can also send it to your current office or hand it to the Inland Revenue ...
Depending on the state from which you are filing, the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service has four regional offices where you will be able to mail ...
Where you send your federal income tax return is based on the state in which you life. If you live in Texas, you would send it to the Department of Treasure, Internal ...
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