Where do I Send my IRS Form 941?


There are two different addresses for sending IRS Form 941. One is for the form with payment. The other is for the form without payment. Check out their instructions. You can find out more information here: www.irs.gov
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Where you should mail your federal tax return depends on what forms you have. Check the IRS official site to find the address for your forms.
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Employers who withhold taxes as required by law must complete IRS Form 941. The specific amounts reported by the employer on this form include the following: all wages you have paid
IRS, 941 and You! From IRS.gov. General Instructions: Understanding Form 941. Purpose of Form 941. These instructions give you some background information about Form 941, Employer's
The IRS tax form 941 is the Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return. Employers are required to
New Form 941 for 2013: an Overview. Form 941 for 2013 payroll taxes has been changed to reflect recent changes in law: The first change is to increase the amount due for Social Security
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Form 941 is sent to the IRS. The address you mail the form to depends on whether you are making a payment with the form or not. The IRS has three service centers ...
If you have a business with employees and you apply employer's quarterly federal tax return four times a year, then you need to file an IRS 941 form. The IRS For ...
The IRS GOV Form 941 is an employer's quarterly federal tax return. Employers who withhold income taxes, social security tax, or medicare tax from employee's paychecks ...
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