Where do John and Kate Gosselin live?


Jon and Kate Gosselin live in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, with their eight children—twins born in Oct. 2000 and sextuplets born in May 2004. The couple is divorced and currently live separately.

The Gosselin family was the subject of the Discovery Channel's wildly popular "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" television series. After their divorce in 2009, Jon Gosselin's name was dropped from the title of the show. The duo has come under fire for their participation in reality television and paparazzi engagement after the birth of their children, who were all conceived through medical intervention due to Kate's battle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

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Final arrangements for Jon and Kate's residences is not yet finalized. While Jon has been spotted checking out apartments in the vicinity of the Gosselin home, and in New York City;
Jon & Kate *plus their 8* Gosselin live in PA. Thanks for ChaCha'ing, ask
aw i love that show! they live in Pennsylvania and they ask you on their website (sixgosselins.com) to contact them via email. this is their email. info@sixgosselins.com
Jon and Kate Gosselin and family live in Berks County, PA. But they're not living together. Ask again!
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