Where do koalas live?


Koalas live in the eucalypt forests and woodlands of eastern Australia, and they are seen on some islands off the southern and eastern coasts of the country. Koalas are native to New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

The koala's habitat is determined by its food preferences; koalas only eat the leaves of eucalypt trees. Except for breeding, koalas stay in a group of trees called a home range. A male koala marks his territory with a dark, sticky substance he excretes from his chest. Habitat loss is the greatest threat koalas face, due to land clearing, bush fires and eucalypt tree disease.

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Koalas are found in only one part of the world, a stretch of forestland along eastern and southeastern Australia. These marsupials are found near the coast, from as far south as the
Koalas usually live in eucalyptus trees, in Australia. They have also been observed in other species, including acacia, banksia, hakea and melaleuca, but they do not eat the leaves
Koalas live only in Eastern Australia. They live and sleep in eucalyptus trees, because it is
They live for 20+ years. http://www.koalaexpress.com.au/facts1.ht….
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Koalas live in the eucalyptus trees of eastern Australia.
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Koalas live in the eucalyptus woodlands of the eastern side of Australia especially in the forest of eucalyptus trees. They live, eat, and sleep in the top branches ...
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