Where Do Limes Grow?


Limes grow in tropical or in semitropical regions. They are extremely cold sensitive and do not survive freezing temperatures. Southern tip of Florida, southern Texas and central California are best growing areas for lime.
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Climate Lime trees are native to tropical and semitropical regions and can be grown successfully in subtropical regions as well. They are affected by heat, humidity, sun and cold.
It grows in Mississippi because they have nice grass and you have to a farm in Mississippi.
Limes generally grow on trees, some of which are low to the ground and can appear similar to
Blueberries grow all over the northeast, and there are also species that grow in the south. For that matter, they also grow in Turkey, Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand,
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For centuries limes have done very well growing in Egypt. Limes also grow well in climate Mediterranean areas. In 1677 Sir Thomas Herbert sited limes growing near the coast of Mozambique.
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