Where Do Lionfish Live?


Lionfish live in the Indian Pacific ocean. This is there native home, however, they've also been found in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and Caribbean Sea.
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The lionfish lives in the pacific ocean. They are in the twilight zone.
Hi Eva. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your lionfish. These fish can live for 8-10 years in the aquarium and are rarely affected by less then perfect water quality. If you were
Lionfish are voracious predators. However, they do not use their spines to capture prey; only for protection. When hunting, they corner prey using their large fins and then use their
My 3 month old rottie weighs 24 lbs. My vet tells me thats right in the normal weight range.
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Lionfish, which typically reach approximately twelve inches in length, are found at the coral reefs near the islands located in the beautiful Pacific Ocean.
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