Where Do Llamas Live?


Llamas mainly live in tropical areas. They are members of the camel and they have a lifespan of 20 years. Llamas normally graze on grass and like cows; they restate their food and chew it as cud.
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Llamas live wild in South America, mainly in Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. However, they have been domesticated and there are farms all over the United States and Canada that
Llamas are native to South America. They live in the Andes Mountains and the countries of Peru
You can find turtles almost everywhere on earth; the only place they don't live is the Arctic and Antarctic. There are over 270 species of turtles; these are just a few.
South America. All the New World camelids live down there. Llamas, alpacas and, rarer, vicunas and guanacos. Llamas and alpacas have been domesticated for so long, though, that I'm
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Llamas are found in South America around the Andes Mountains, Chile and Peru. They are built to climb on rocky surfaces and can breath with thin air in the high altitudes.
Llamas like many other animals like to live in a heard. They can live in a pastor as a pet as most llamas do or they can live in the wild.
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