Where Do Locusts Live?


Locusts occur in several parts of the world, but nowadays they (desert locusts) are mostly found in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. They inhabit about 60 countries and can be able to cover one-fifth of Earth's land surface.
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locusts manly live in Australia.
A locust lives a total of about three to five months, although this is variable and depends
Locusts have an average lifespan of 8-12 months in the wild. Source(s) National Geographic.
A Desert Locust lives a total of about three to five months although this is extremely variable and depends mostly on weather and ecological conditions. The life cycle comprises three
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Locusts are similar insects to grasshoppers. They are migrant meaning they travel from place to place. Some are found in warm, dry areas.
There are a few different types of locusts. The Desert locust is found in Africa and in the Middle East. The Honey locust is found in the eastern part of the US.
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The time of season and for how long locusts actually come out depends on where you live in the world. They typically only come out for about 2 or 3 months. They ...
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