Where Do Magnets Come from?


Man-made magnet is made in the laboratory by a mixture of iron, cobalt, nickel and several other elements. The substances are magnetised by a couple of dissimilar ways. Some magnets, such as lodestone and magnetite, are found naturally.
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Magnetite is a type of iron ore that attracts certain metals, such as iron, nickel and cobalt. It is the most common magnetic mineral. The amount and distribution of magnetic minerals
magnet comes from the word magneto in ancint greek magneto means somthing that can repell. please vote for me chioa.
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The heat comes from the copper windings vibrating with the magnetic field if the power is generated by AC through say a transformer. There is also often an audible hum as the windings
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Magnets can come from the Earth or they can come from a factory. This is because some magnets are natural, such as lodestone and magnetite, and other magnets are man made. You can find more information here: http://thescienceexperts.com/answers/where-do-magnets-come-from
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