Where Do Minks Live?


Minks prefer to live near water and they are rarely found far from lakes, riverbanks and marshes. They tend to follow streams and ditches even when wandering. They are widespread in Britain's mainland, apart from the mountainous areas of Wales, Scotland and the Lake District.
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Minks are vagabonds. They do not live in one specific spot, but are constantly on the move. They build one shelter, stay in it for a little while, and then move somewhere else and build another one. They do this because they are extremely territorial.A male and female mink will live separately from one another all year, only meeting to mate. Females generally have smaller shelters than do males.Minks like to be surrounded by water, and will often be found living near it. Geographically, they live in Europe and North America.
Minks are found all over North America, South America, Europe, and Newfoundland. The American mink has been introduced in many European and Asian countries, which led to the decline of the European mink.
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The mink is of the family Mustelidae, like the weasel. They are all over North America and are quite prolific. A mink looks similar to a weasel. They live in burrows ...
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