Where Do Monarch Butterflies Live?


Monarch butterflies live in sub-tropical to tropical areas and in open habitats like fields, marshes, meadows and cleared roadsides. They are mainly found in countries such as the USA, Mexico, Canada, South America and Australia.
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Butterflies live in hot areas like Central America, Southern Canada, some of Mediterainienmost of USA and most of South America. They migrate in the winter to Mexico.
Adult monarchs don't eat flowers but drink liquid nectar, a sugary substance made by flowers. The monarch butterfly-like other butterflies-is built to drink liquids. Its mouth, called
Monarchs cannot survive cold winter temperatures of the northern states, so
In the winter they live in Mexico. They then begin their migration North into America in spring. They lay eggs and continue their Northward migration. The eggs hatch and continue
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Monarch Butterflies range from North and South America and the Caribbean to Australia, New Zealand, the oceanic islands of the Pacific, Mauritius, the Canary Islands of the Atlantic, and, most recently, Western Europe.
Monarch butterflies live in many different places. They live in North and South America, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, and the most recent is Western Europe.
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