Where Do Monkeys Sleep?


Monkeys normally sleep on the branches of trees. Most monkeys live in tropical regions of America Africa and Asia. There are at least 145 living species of monkeys that are found all over the world.
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In high trees with leaves and branches.
Old World Monkeys. Old World monkeys live in a variety of biomes including tropical rainforests, islands, steppes, mountains and savannas. The Old World monkeys include guenons, which
Good question. I'm not a squirrel expert, it seems to me after a few minutes of googling that they all sleep in nests. However, the location and type of nest can depend on the type
Depending on the bird they nest wherever they can get warm. Often in cavities of a tree, or thick brush. There feathers are very insulated and they cover the bare areas by nestling
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The baby monkeys sleep in their mother's arms high in the tree branches as well as the adult monkeys. Monkeys sleep in the trees to keep safe from their predators. You can find more information here: http://anthro.palomar.edu/behavior/behave_3.htm
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