Where do moose live?


Moose live in the northern regions of North America, Europe and Asia. Their habitats include boreal and mixed-deciduous forests in temperate and sub-arctic climates. The largest of all deer species, moose can grow to a height of nearly seven feet at the shoulder and weigh approximately 1,800 pounds.

Due to their stature, moose prefer to graze on tall grasses and shrubs. In the winter, moose eat pine cones and also scrape lichen and moss off of rocks using their tongues. Following the seasonal melting of ice, moose can be found in lakes, rivers and wetland areas, where they feed on aquatic plants.

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Moose live in Alaska. Answer: Moose are found naturally in North America and Europe. In North America, moose are found in: all of Canada. central and western Alaska. New England and
Moose prefer cool climates and places with a lot of fresh water. They are found in some of the
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