Where Do Moose Live?


Moose mostly live in Rocky Mountains. They can also be found living in New England, New York, Canada, Alaska, Minnesota, Michigan, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Utah and Colorado. They are categorised as mammals, can weigh over 800kg and they are the largest member of the deer family.
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Moose live in Alaska. Answer: Moose are found naturally in North America and Europe. In North America, moose are found in: all of Canada. central and western Alaska. New England and
Moose are found in northern U.S. states like Wyoming, Montana, Maine, and
Here's a website that has a map which shows their main grazing lands in Canada. http://www.hww.ca/hww2.asp?id=93 I live in Alberta and frankly, they seem to be everywhere. If we drive
Well, I have never had the money to buy a live Alaskan moose, so I have had to resort to catching them myself. Not easy! What do you usually need to catch anything? Bait? That's right
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Moose love cool climate and plenty of water. If you are looking for territories where moose live, try the northern part of the United States or Canada. Moose can also be found in swampy areas. These animals are considered the largest of the deer family and enjoy the forest. You can find more information here: http://eduscapes.com/nature/moose/index1.htm
Moose can be found mainly in the Northern part of the United States and in some parts of Canada. Moose can also be found across some parts of Europe, Russia, and China.
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