Where Do Mosquitoes Live?


Mosquitoes usually live around areas that have still waters like ponds and on aquatic plants. They usually live in all regions of the world except Antarctica. They are active for one year in the humid tropical and warm regions and they usually hibernate over winter in the temperate regions.
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every where.
They live anywhere that has a source of water. So they are very common around lakes and ponds. But even a small source, for example a cup left outside with water still in it, is enough
Mosquitoes lay their eggs in moist areas, such as standing water. The eggs become larvae that remain in the water until the adults mature and fly off. Weeds, tall grass and shrubbery
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Mosquitoes live and breed anywhere they can find moisture. They love tall grasses, weeds, and the edges of creeks, rivers, and are even known to hang out in birdbaths.
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